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Claiming that the fire incidents in valley have increased manifold during previous years, the Director Fire and Emergency Thursday said that more than five thousand fire incidents take place every year in valley.

The Director Fire and Emergency, G.A. Bhat while talking to KNS mentioned that the fire incidents in valley have doubled in number and that until the state fire act is not introduced in Jammu and Kashmir , the authorities cannot be made answerable for the fire incidents in the government buildings. “If they do not take safety measures and the fire incidents take place, they cannot be blamed for the same until the new fire act in introduced in the state law.”

Bhat further stated that the department has in the past faced many challenges and that it is ready for the same in future also. He added that the department has initiated many awareness programmes so that the people at large could remain aware about the safety measures.

He further mentioned that the draft for the finalization of the new fire act in the state has been sent to the government here and the committee has been constituted for the finalization of the same two years earlier.  “Once the new law is implemented in the state, the fire incidents could be thoroughly investigated and the officials could be then answerable if any carelessness is shown on their part.”


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