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Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) has termed the rumors carried out by section of a media that AIP is going to merge with AAP as ridiculous.

Addressing party workers in Aloochibagh, Srinagar on Wednesday, Party President Er. Rashid said, “We have been repeatedly saying that Kashmiri’s don’t have to copy anybody and have to decide themselves what suits their needs and political aspirations.”

“AIP has a clear vision on how to get Kashmiri’s out of the turmoil and has a firm faith that the way leads through resolution of Kashmir issue,” Rashid said adding “Though AIP is not adverse to join hands with any such political party which has a commitment to resolve K-issue and promise to provide best possible governance, but Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) doesn’t have a specific roadmap to resolve K-issue.”

Rashid further said, “Though I have been in touch with AAP leaders since last one year but unfortunately they seem to be in a dilemma vis-a-vis K-issue and lack a roadmap that could address both political and socio-economic grievances of Kashmiris.”

AIP President further said that the confusion in the ranks of AAP has surfaced on more than one occasions when it comes to Kashmir but every time it has ended up with the tune not different than Congress and BJP.

“Like other political parties AAP seems to be influenced by those who never want miseries of Kashmiri to end in the name of the so called national interest.  With eyes to gain much public support throughout India AAP seems to have decided not to bother about the long pending Kashmir dispute and follows the beaten tracks.  However, if any party including AAP at any stage comes out with concrete and realistic approach and attitude to resolve Kashmir dispute, AIP will not waste a second to offer the support and join hands in the interest of Kashmiri people”.


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