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Claiming that chief minister Omar Abdullah was privy to the decision on Afzal Guru’s hanging, Professor SAR Geelani Thursday alleged that Omar was called to Delhi for a detailed meet, a week before Guru was executed.

“The pro-India politicians in Kashmir had full knowledge about the exact date of Guru’s hanging and they all had given their consent for the same,” Geelani, who was acquitted by the Supreme Court in Parliament attack case, claimed in a telephonic statement to KNS from Delhi.

“This chest beating at present is nothing but an election gimmick. Farooq Abdullah stated at the time of Guru’s hanging that justice has been delivered and now he is taking a U-turn as elections are near.” Geelani stated further that Guru’s hanging has changed all the equations in Kashmir and that now educated youth are joining the militant ranks. We have seen that the youth who are taking arms against Indian rule are not among an unemployed lot- they are well informed and well educated.”

Reacting to the Supreme Court judgment that commuted death sentence of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassins to life in prison, Geelani stated that double standards adopted by the Judiciary have given the clear message to the people of Kashmir that they are living in the colony. “People of Kashmir have not understood where they stand.”

He added that Guru was hanged because ‘he was a Muslim and that too from Kashmir’. “It is not only Guru’s hanging but also Maqbool Bhat was sent to gallows in the same manner.” For the death sentence, you need the confirmation of the high court and in Bhat’s case, no confirmation was sought, said Geelani, adding that according to the law, death sentence is only given in the rarest of the rare case that too when the guilt of the accused is established beyond reasonable doubt.

He said that even the Delhi high court had stated that Police fabricated the evidence and forged the documents. “Then how Guru was hanged is beyond anyone’s logic. The people have understood now that how Guru was picked up against the queue- this is because India wants to give clear message to the people here that Kashmir is our colony and  whosever rebels against our occupation will be killed like Guru.”

Stating that the decision of Supreme Court of commuting the death sentence into life imprisonment of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassins on one side and hanging of Guru on the other is unjustified, Geelani stated that its repercussions will be disastrous in Kashmir valley.  “See the number of militancy related incidents have taken place since Guru’s hanging.  India has given clear signal to the people of Kashmir that it is at war against the people here.” (KNS)



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