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While terming the election manifesto of BJP as expected, Chairman, Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani said that there is nothing new in the election manifesto of BJP, but the reaction of Omer Abdullah, Mufti Sayeed and Said-ud-din Soz like politicians regarding the article 370 is really a condemnable and far from the reality.

According to a statement, he said that firstly in the presence of Indian forced occupation, article 370 doesn’t hold any importance and secondly this Article is recorded in the official papers only and is nowhere present on the ground. He further said that these politicians who are making hue and cry like situation over this article have surrendered its essential constituents in front of authorities in New Delhi merely for power, chair and a handsome salary.

Geelani said that the mentioning of Kashmir as integral part of India in BJP’s election manifesto is actually a traditional rigid and stubborn approach of Indian politicians and all the Indian political parties following this stand and they are adopting and unrealistic approach on Kashmir by closing their eyes on seeing the reality and facts.

He said that by beating the drum of integral part has neither changed the reality of Kashmir dispute in the past nor will it work in future. “The resistance movement of Kashmir is getting stronger due to the colonial thinking of Indian politicians and the distance between New Delhi and Srinagar is getting difficult and longer. The pro-freedom leader of Kashmir said that the implementation of common civil code which is mentioned in election manifesto of BJP is however a matter of concern for the Indian Muslims, because if it is implemented, they can’t decide their personal matters according to the Islam.”

He said this will be a first big and practical step towards the making of Hindu Rashtriya which will eliminate the identity of minorities especially Muslims in India forever and they will have to live as second class citizens and were their places of worships and Masjids will also be in constant threat.

While deliberating upon the BJP’s slogan of abrogation of article 370 and the reaction of the pro-Indian parties of Kashmir thereon, Geelani said, “India is forcibly occupying Kashmir from last 67 years and this occupation is making the article irrelevant. Kashmiris doesn’t have a problem of bigger or lesser autonomy but their real issue is the forced occupation of India, which is advocated and justified by the Omer Abdullah, Mufti Sayeed and Said-ud-din Soz like politicians.”

The pro-freedom leader said that the importance and the credibility of article 370 has been destroyed a longtime ago and now it is just a word in official papers to befool the people in and out. Geelani said that the lamentation of local pro-Indian parties over the announcement of abrogation of article 370 in BJP’s election manifesto, is merely an election stunt, otherwise these local pro-Indian parties have itself buried this article and have surrendered its vital organs in front of New Delhi merely for the chair and salary.

Geelani accused all the pro Indian parties “who are taking part in election drama” including Umer Abdullah, Mufti Sayeed and Said-ud-din Soz for the destruction of the Kashmir and its people and said that these politicians doesn’t have any national character. “They are all fighting for the power, chair and salaries from Indian government and for which they can surrender everything,” Geelani said.


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