AAP’s Raja worth Rs 21.2 lakh

KL Report


Dr. Raja Muzaffar Bhat

Activist-turned-politician of Aam Aadmi Party Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat who filed his nomination from Srinagar Parliamentary on Monday has declared immovable and moveable assets that his family owns. These are worth Rs 21.2 lakhs as per the self estimation.

Bhat’s affidavit suggests he has Rs 30, 000 cash in hand; while his wife, Dr Fozia Kounser has Rs 10, 000 cash in hand. Bhat has savings worth Rs 5.30 lakhs.

Details suggest that the family owns nothing in the name of immovable assets!

His wife, however, has Rs 13, 500 policy deposit, Alto car worth Rs 3 lakh and 500 gms gold worth 12.50 lakh.


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