NC desperate to create fear, insecurity in Kashmir: Mehbooba

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president, Mehbooba Mufti Wednesday alleged the National Conference is desperate to create fear, insecurity and disturb peace in Kashmir as a last bid to keep voters away from polling stations.

While addressing various roadside meetings in Shopian and Wachi segments of Islamabad parliamentary constituency Mehbooba said the ruling party which is sensing its rout could go to any extent and might even target its own workers in order to create panic and fear among political parties.

“They have always thrived in insecurity and at this crucial juncture when the NC feels its very existence as a political party is threatened it might target anyone while it has launched a wild and baseless propaganda against PDP to create a camouflage for its desperate action,” she said.

She said after having lost its credibility among the people and without any solid performance report card in its hands, the NC is now looking for cheap ways to create instability in Kashmir so that people will not come out to exercise their franchise.  The NC considers thin voter turnout as its only poll strategy but it is sure to fail, said Mehbooba.

She said the ‘Qurbani’ that NC always quotes as having offered for Kashmir is actually the blood of those thousands of people whom it misled into losing their life and pushing them into sufferings under the banner of ‘Raishumari’ and later secure power for itself.

She said till 1975 innocent people of Kashmir were made to contribute sacrificial skins and jewelry for the plebiscite movement but it all ended up in setting up a new Maharaja family in the state, which inflicted worse atrocities on the people than even by the feudal rulers.

Mehbooba said it is true that the followers of NC like everybody else in the state have suffered a great deal on account of the ruling party’s wrong and selfish policies but its only beneficiary has been the Abdullah family and a coterie of their close politicians.

She said truth is that NC has always made merry over the sufferings of the people from whom it has been taking votes since decades and that is the reason it let them go into troubles and hardships instead of making efforts to provide them any relief.

Mehbooba said the NC and Congress have actually given up the fight after finding it difficult to even muster audiences for their public meetings and that is why it is leveling false accusations against the PDP of having alliance with different political forces.

“It is heartening if people having different ideologies have liking for the PDP but stating that we have alliance with BJP and Hizbul Mujahidin at the same time shows nothing but NC’s frustration and bankruptcy,” she said.

She said both the NC and Congress have gone bankrupt and they have lost argument to take on their opponents which is quite understandable because they have nothing to show to the people except scams, frauds, atrocities, killings, corruption and other nasty acts.

She said Omar Abdullah now actually wants to convey that vote against NC is vote for Modi. She said in Kashmir the issue basically is who can represent J&K efficiently and sincerely in the parliament and present the case of state, people boldly in the highest seat of democracy in the country.

NC, she said has established its inability to do so by its failure to raise its voice on important issues like the out of turn hanging of Afzal Guru. She said instead of seeking something for the state, NC has only been giving away what we had like the power projects and the J&K Bank.

Mehbooba said Shopian has suffered immensely during the last more than five years and the ruling party destabilized the whole situation in the area few months after it took over the reins of the state with the rape and murder of two innocent women- Asiya and Neelofar- and latter hushing that case in the most bizarre way.

“Shopian had to pay heavy price latter just to seek justice for those unfortunate women. People of the area had to agitate for months amid curfews for countless days,” said Mehbooba and added the brave fight put up by the people of the area to seek justice is highly commendable no matter if the institutions denied them what they wanted to achieve.

She said NC-Congress government’s atrocities continued to be directed to this area when its forces killed four innocent youth in Gagrin last year to make it possible for chief minister and his elite company to enjoy western music on the lawns of Shalimar Garden.



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