6 Timer Sagar Hails Khanyar for His Triumph

KL Report


Hailing the people of old city’s Khanyar, NC senior leader and party’s general secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar Wednesday said the befitting reply the PDP got from Khaniyar would be remembered for the times to come by the party.

While appreciating and thanking people for registering his victory from the turf,  Sagar reiterated his pledge to work for the overall development of Srinagar with outmost sincerity and indomitable will.

He added that in the times to come, Khanyar will turn into the marvelous crown of Srinagar and he would continue to render his services for the well being of this segment’s inhabitants.

Sagar said that the vested interests were hell bent to fragment the people of old city but the place has once again revealed to the world that there is no place for the outsiders. He hailed people of Khaniyar for playing a vital role in nullifying the nefarious designs of the vested interests.

“The people with the flawed character were fielded from here and money was spent in plethora so woo people but the courageous people old city rejected out rightly their plans,” Sagar said in a statement.

Sagar said that he is indeed indebted to the love and support of the people of Khaniyar as the area once again trusted him with remarkable numbers.

Sagar said that the time is near when the area would witness massive growth and numerous employment opportunities. He added that the people of Khanyar have pledged along with him to make the place a symbol of development and prosperity.

The senior NC leader while thanking people promised them overall development in Khanyar, assuring them the place of saints would never be allowed to get undermined by divisive elements.


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