Govt Formation: NC seeks Response from PDP

KL Report


National Conference Wednesday sought a clear answer from PDP on its offer of support to PDP to form the next Government in J&K.

NC spokesperson, in a statement, said that NC Working President Omar Abdullah has said that National Conference would consider extending support to PDP if such a support is sought so that PDP’s political agenda, as specified by PDP during the elections is not alleged to be handicapped in some way by PDP choosing to align with either of the two national political parties.

“PDP has emerged as the largest party with 28 seats. The onus lies on them. We have made a gesture of support to PDP about considering extending support to them if they approach us. It is not only National Conference that is seeking an answer from PDP about our offer but I’m very certain that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are also expecting a clear answer from PDP on this offer,” NC spokesperson said.

“NC’s option of extending support to PDP has been expressed by NC Working President Omar Abdullah himself.  PDP fought these elections on the premise and plank of its regional political agenda in the State and no less a figure in PDP than Mufti Mohammad Sayeed repeatedly said that PDP’s foremost poll premise was to foster a regional political agenda in J&K. Now that PDP has emerged as the single-largest party, NC has thought it best to give them an option of not allowing their pronounced regional political agenda to be handicapped in an alliance with either of the national political parties – if they choose so. Our option of extending support to PDP stands. However, there is no response from the PDP yet. It is for PDP to answer now and respond to this offer,” the NC Spokesman said.


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