96 Patients Found H1N1 Positive Since October Last

KL Report


250 patients were seen Friday at newly opened Pulmonary Medicine OPD at attendant Sarai SKIMS up to 3.00 P.M and 40 samples were collected for testing, a statement of the SKIMS said.

The statement said that besides, eleven patients are admitted in isolation ward, out of which only one patient is on ventilatory support. “No fresh death was reported today,” the statement said.

SKIMS statement claimed that all required facilities are in place and 4000 N95 masks have been received and 6000 Tamiflu tablets are expected to be received soon.

According to the statement, from October last till date total 96 patients have been confirmed positive for H1N1.

Experts at SKIMS reiterate that there is no need to panic and general public is advised to take necessary precautions as already communicated.


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