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The National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC) met Friday in New Delhi, under the Chairmanship of the Cabinet Secretary, Ajit Seth to discuss the situation arising out of blockage of Phuktal River due to a massive landslide in Kargil District of Jammu & Kashmir.

The Committee approved an Action Plan to manually create a channel in the blockage to drain out the accumulated water from the lake in a regulated manner.

This task will involve integrated efforts from various agencies of Central and State Government including Army, Air Force, Border Roads Organisation, Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment, National Hydro Power Corporation, Central Water Commission, Survey of India and Central Institute for Mining & Fuel Research.

The execution of the Action Plan envisages snow clearance of over 40 km of road from Padum to Morne, treking for about 43 km from Morne to the site of landslide, air dropping of men and material, manually digging of channel, etc., and may take about 30 days.

Action Plan also includes communication strategy and installation of gauging stations to monitor the water level in the river. The state Government has also prepared a rehabilitation plan to ensure safety of life and property of the inhabitants.


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