A New Government?

Narinder Nath Vohra is one of the rarest faces on Kashmir front, whose capacity, knowledge and experience are unmatched. He has managed many Kashmir crises without landing in any controversy. He must be the only person of his stature who suits everybody between Delhi and Srinagar. Prime Minister supports him and all political formations in the state of Jammu and Kashmir say they are very comfortable with him.

In wake of BJPs decision to come out of the ruling BJPDP alliance, the government collapsed and Vohra had to take over the government, for the fourth time since he landed in Srinagar airport at the peak of the 2008 crisis triggered by his predecessor. He is an able administrator.

But with assembly active and alive, can governor’s rule be an alternative to the elected government? A general belief is that ill-performing popular governments are usually better than well-performing unelected governments.

The BJPDP alliance fell under the weight of its polar differences and glaring contradictions. Post-fall, BJP will retain sort of a remote control as it is in command in Delhi. That can impact the streets of Srinagar. Indications suggest that the governor’s rule will have a long haul and given the approaching general elections, it can lead to more tensions on Kashmir streets and the psyche of it.

Though the House represents the same situation as it existed in 2014, this time, however, the situation is slightly different. In 2014, the PDP had strongly argued that no Kashmir party can ignore BJPs landslide mandate in Jammu. It was in this backdrop that the alliance took place. Claims apart had PDP allied with BJP; there was no option for the NC to get into power.

In 2018, post-fall, the situation is clearer. A Kashmir party allied with the BJP and it proved disastrous, for Kashmir, for PDP, and if one goes by their claims, to BJP too. This clearly shows the crisis in state’s 172 years old heterogeneity.

This must compel all the three parties to think out of the box. Can numbers be arranged in such a way that another ruling alliance takes off which has slightly more life than BJP’s “rainbow” alliance? Last time, Omar Abdullah had offered unconditional support to PDP to form the government. They mistook it as a trap.

If NC and PDP think, it will impact their vote bank, why not have a Congress government with NC-PDP outside support?

Engineer Rasheed who is strongly votary of a civilian government after the Amarnath Yatra completes said this will serve various purposes: A pre-poned election can get delayed thus saving many lives; this will prevent horse trading, a crisis that all these political parties will suffer from. And, most importantly, this can also convey Delhi that options do exist outside Parivaar. Whether BJP permits such situation is not known though it can help them recover Jammu faster and better because “discrimination” bogey will have a clear justification, now.


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