By Asma Firdous




There is a dream in my head…

A story beyond time and space…

A lady driving down the road…

Through the lit up darkness of the evening…

The radio plays her favourite song

And she hums along the singer dead!!!

“And she’s buying the stairway to heaven”*


There is a silent presence by her side

A body, soul and heart now not forbidden!

That presence which seldom talks

often smiles!


And ah! The enchanted laughter!

Down the road she insists to drive on…

Then the nature’s orchestra resounds…

Beating the vehicle with noisy rhythms….!

They shout their surprises!

“It’s raining in the desert!!”


A moment of loud laughter….!!

The presence insists to go out!!

“Its rain,” it shouts!

She silently smiles…

“In a second”!


She sits there in that metallic box….

Shaped in elegance!

And she enjoys…

The longing….

The longing of those drops touching her face…

Washing down her agonies…

The longing…of the rain!!

…There is a dream in her heart

A story beyond time and space!!!


*Line from led Zeppelin’s song!


(Asma Firdous is pursuing graduation in Literature)


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