Abolition Of SHGs Disastrous: NC

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Thursday called the J&K government’s decision of wrapping up its Self Help Group (SHG) scheme as disastrous and another step towards disempowering the educated youth of J&K.

In a statement, party’s spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar while castigating the J&K admin for this anti youth move said, “The measure comes at a time when the government was claiming to provide job opportunities to more youth. On the contrary the government has shown the door to nearly 4500 engineers by abolishing the 17 year old scheme. Under the SHG scheme, small government contracts were allotted to out of work engineers to sustain a decent and respectable livelihood,” adding, “The measure is being taken when COVID-19 has already wiped out thousands of jobs in the private sector.  The move will leave a huge number of individuals and workers associated with them jobless.”

Demanding as an immediate roll back of the decision, he said, “It’s a hasty decision and will create more delays in completion of work projects in J & K. Besides it will put a number of our youth under undue stress as it’s not them only who will suffer, it is their families which will have to bear the brunt of this heartless decision. “Far from creating new jobs, which was the one of the excuses put forth by the government to do away with the special status, the government is recklessly destroying the available means of employment to youth.  The measure should be rolled back without any delay,” he said.

Meanwhile the spokesperson expressed dismay over the non compliance of J&K High Court Orders by the Ex Deputy Chief Minister and BJP leader Nirmal Singh, who in spite of the court orders barring public from construction around defense works is moving to newly constructed house near Army ammunition depot in Jammu.

Terming the non compliance of BJP leader as contemptuous of the honorable high court, he said that the behavior of the former minister depicts arrogance. “Law is meant for everyone. It is for everyone to respect the law of land, nobody is above law.  The BJP leaders however have become law unto themselves, which is why they have least deference for high court orders. The family of the said former minister is reported to have moved into their newly constructed house at Ban Village, near the army’s ammunition Sub-Depot.  This despite the clear cut order in response to a writ petition filed by the union government challenging the construction of a palatial bungalow at the site.”

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