Abundant hoarding skeletons cause inconvenience to public

by Samreena Nazir

Srinagar: People coming from different areas of Kashmir on Wednesday complained that hoardings erected on the pedestrian path at Moulana Azad road and other areas in Srinagar city cause inconvenience to road users.

A hoarding erected on the pedestrian path in Srinagar. Kl Image by Farzana Nisar

In major areas of Srinagar, the hoardings have been erected indiscriminately on roadsides and pavements, obstructing the view of the traffic movement and posing risk to commuters.

People here are demanding that the concerned authority should pay attention to this issue and take strict action against those violating the rules.

“It is a busy route, these structures force on to walk through the heavy traffic of the road. One has to be very cautious while walking through this area” said a commuter, from South Kashmir.

As per the law made by the government, it is an offence to make any inconvenience to the public by putting hoardings or other material at pedestrians which pose a huge threat to the commuters. The law falls under section 32A of (SWA) street works of advertisement and road related facilities.

Another commuter from Srinagar city said that the concerned authorities should take the matter into consideration, “it has become difficult to see the approaching vehicles while taking turns at the crossings. Many accidents have happened in the area because of this reason but the authorities are yet to take any action,” she said.

Reacting to the complaints of people, Executive Engineering Mechanical, Itraat Ahmad said that he will look into the matter as soon as possible, “these structures creating hindrances to pedestrian’s movement will be shifted soon,” Itraat said.


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