Acquittal of Kashmiris in Delhi serial blasts exposes fabricated role of security agencies: Rasheed


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While commenting on the verdict of Delhi Court that acquitted Mohammad Rafiq Shah, Mohammad Hussain Fazili and Tariq Dar of all charges against them in 2005 Delhi Bomb blast case, independent Langate lawmaker Er Rashid said that the verdict is on one hand victory of truth and justice but on the other hand has exposed the role of security agencies in fabricating false cases against Kashmiris and ruining their future.

In a statement Rasheed said, “While court has acquitted Mohammad Rafiq Shah and Mohammad Rafiq Fazili but the million dollar question is still there that who will compensate 11 precious years of these innocents, which they were forced to spend in torture cells and various jails”.

He said, “We need not to forget that there are many more Kashmiris like these innocents languishing in torture cells and notorious jails for none of their faults. A youth Bashir Ahmad Baba, whose father is suffering from cancer is languished in Ahmadabad Jail for none of his fault. Nobody can justify the trauma, pain, harassment and humiliation their families passed through all these years.”

Rasheed added, “While the third accused Tariq Dar has been convicted he has already spent more than the period he has been sentenced to jail. The Judgement should act as an eye opener for those who have one point agenda to make life of Kashmiri youth miserable and like a hell and get benefits out of sufferings of people of Kashmir”.

Er Rashid added that the verdict of the Delhi Court has yet again proved that whatsoever is happening in Kashmir, it has become a fruitful industry for a section of security agencies and establishment in and outside Kashmir.

He asked the government of India to tender unconditional apology to these innocents, compensate them monetarily and take some stern action against those who had fabricated the story and wasted 11 precious years of these innocents.



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