Admin Urged to Cure ‘Ailments’ of Regal Chowk

Riyaz Bhat


Inundated Regal Chowk. (KL Image: Riyaz Bhat)
Inundated Regal Chowk. (KL Image: Riyaz Bhat)

The traders in city centre Lal Chowk Thursday lambasted a civil administration for putting life of people at risk.

The General Secretary Regal Chowk Traders Association (RCTA), Farhaan Kitab appealed governor to pay attention to the issues concerning the trading fraternity.

“The drains in the market are damaged, street lights defunct and dustbins broken,” he said.

Talking to the Kashmir Life, Kitab blames the former government and current governor for failing to solve the issues of traders. “With few drops of rain, the drains underneath the roads get clogged. The manholes are coverless which give an ugly sight even in slightest rain fall,” Kitab said. “It has put life of people at risk.”

“The government had promised to install the lids on the manholes but has not done anything so far,” he added.

While quoting an incident, he said, “a day before a young lady came for shopping, when she was about to de-board Auto she fell into the manhole and she was hurt.”

Kitab urged Governor NN Vohra to pay due attention for the dustbins and the wires hanging around the footpaths in the market and appealed that after every sector in the market there must be a dustbin.

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