Adoption of police bill will establish despotic dictatorship on Israeli pattern: ANC


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Sharply reacting to the proposed Police Bill, the Jammu and Kashmir Awami National Conference Tuesday said the move would set the state on course to establish a fascist dictatorship ‘on Israeli pattern’.

“Jammu and Kashmir is already groaning under the oppressive black laws. By adopting the Police Bill on the pattern of draconian Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, the government would not only resurrect the infamous autocratic rule of the yester years but also establish a despotic dictatorship on Israeli pattern,” party’s Senior Vice-President, Muzaffar Shah, said in a statement.

He asked the National Conference-Congress coalition government to visualize the far-reaching disaster the proposed law would unleash and reconsider its decision. “The move is aimed at strengthening its oppressive hold over state people,” he said.

“If the rulers feel the people are no longer with them, would enforcement of black laws in any way enable them to win over the alienated people,” he asked, adding it was imperative to provide much-needed relief and amenities to the people rather than arm the police and security forces with sweeping powers.

“We fail to understand the rationale behind the proposed move. On the one hand, the government swears by total or partial revocation of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, and on the other, it proposes to equip the state police with similar powers,” Shah said, expressing total surprise over the ruling dispensation’s move.

Expressing grave concern over the move and describing it as anti-people, Shah urged the coalition government to desist from adopting the proposed Bill, which, he said, was apt to generate a deep sense of indignation and outrage among the people.


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