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“The man who gave the thought and concept of an independent state of Jammu Kashmir ,who through his valiant struggle and leadership inspired thousands to join the caravan of independence advocate Abdul Khaliq Ansari breathed his last night on 15th June 2013”, said a JKLF statement issued here.

His Nimaz  Jinaza was held at Mir Pur Azad Kashmir stadium in which thousands of kashmiris participated to pay their last homage to this great son of soil.

JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik addressed the Jinaza gathering on telephone. Terming the sad demise of this ‘great Kashmiri’ as a personal and national loss, Malik in his address said that advocate Abdul Khaliq Ansari was one of the pioneers of Kashmir struggle, a highly educated thinker, a spiritual personality and ideologue.

“He was the first kashmiri who came out with the concept of an independent Kashmir and after giving this ideology this true son of soil never looked back and always kept his march for freedom on. This great soul started his struggle in Dogra period and went to jail as a young boy. He stood against all odds but never showed his back. In 1963 it was he who started Kashmir independent committee. It was here when Shaheed Baba I Qoum Mohammad Maqbool butt and supreme leader of JKLF Amanullah khan worked with this great man and further furnished the Capabilities and idealism present in their Character under his leadership”, Malik said.

Malik said that in 1965 Ansari sahib assumed the charge of chairman of Mahaz I Raishumari in Azad Kashmir. He was a highly educated, refined and a famous leader and with all these abilities could have scured a good status for himself, but Ansari sahib never looked towards these worldly things like lust of power etc, Malik said.

“He kept on his struggle for independence and in this way of thorns endured all hardships. He was jailed, tortured and exiled but he kept on saying truth and remained steadfast. Malik said that Ansari sahib was a religious spiritual human being. He loved Allah and his last messenger (PBUH); he was humble and noble soul who always had a smile on his grace. Yasin said that his struggle, his idealism, his steadfastness and purity of thoughts, ideas and work will always inspire us and today when we are here saying goodbye to our beloved leader we all pledge to take his idealism and struggle to its desired goal”.

While remembering his last meeting with the departed leader Malik said that when he met him he was very ill, but despite his poor health he welcomed him with open arms. “He kept on talking about freedom struggle for hours and today when he has departed us I feel like an orphan who has lost his great Well wishers. Kashmiris have lost a great leader, a thinker, an idealist, a spiritual personality who was with prayers on his lips always, a Seasoned politician and statesman  and this loss is irreparable and a great loss fir this poor nation”.

Terming it as a national loss JKLF chairman said that we have lost our iron man and a selfless leader and today all of us shall pray to our lord to provide us his Substitute. Malik hoped that kashmiri nation will never forget leaders like these.

“We will always follow the footsteps of these valiant leaders and today I pledge to take forward the sacred mission of these departed leaders to its desired end”.

Malik announced that people in Srinagar will held a Jinaza in absence on June 17, 2013 after Nimaz I Zuhar. “This prayers meeting will be held at Budshah Chowk insha ALLAH”.

Malik also announced that in coming days a seminar to highlight the struggle and sacrifices of late Abdul Khaliq Ansari sahib will be held in Srinagar.

Condemning the Cowardly terrorist attack in Balochistan Pakistan in which many girls students, common people lost their lives and also attack on the memorial where Quaid I Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah lived in his last days, Malik said that these barbaric and inhuman acts cannot be termed but as terrorism and inhuman acts and the people who have done this cannot be termed as human beings. No freedom lover and member of Human society can do this kind of terrorism, said Malik.




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