Adv Reyaz Jan:I Can’t Accept Interference in my Work



Advocate Reyaz Ahmad Jan who resigned as JK’s Advocate General on Wednesday said that the continuous interference in his functioning compelled him to resign from his post.

Talking to KNS, Jan said that Advocate General’s post is the prestigious one which merits authority and independence to operate. “Advocate General is the leader of his team. It is he who has to see how his team should perform and where. Also the team must be competitive enough or else an imbalance gets created and naturally the functioning gets affected,” Jan said adding that same directly hits the peoples’ interests in the state.

He hinted further the reason for biding adieu to his post was that interference in his functioning didn’t recede since he assumed office in March this year.  “I have my outlook and perspective to look at things. Some people accept the interference in job and some do not. I am not the one who would accept any interference while discharging duties,” Reyaz Jan said.

Guarded in his words he maintained that the decisions taken in the office of the advocate general are collective in nature and demand a say of the leader of the team. “That say was denied to me. They might have might changed that after I left but as far as I am concerned I wasn’t given that space,” Jan said and added that the grace which the post caries must not be undermined or compromised at any cost.

Pertinently, Jan after three months after his appointment by the BJP-PDP government, resigned from his post of Advocate General, saying the “dignity of his office was being compromised”.

 “While this was the beginning, many other things kept happening which cannot be revealed in public. I eventually realised there is no meeting point,” remarked Jan.

“There are many issues on which the AG should be taken into confidence and these cannot be imposed upon every time. There is a limit to patience and when that limit exceeds, you have the only option to quit and not to compromise on your principles,” Jan said.

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