Govt Not to Revise Power Tariff This Year



Although Power Development Department (PDD) has failed to provide electricity to its consumers as per the agreement, people of J&K have finally got some relief from the PDD since it has decided not to revise the power tariff for 2015-2016.

People in J&K have been often protesting against the PDD for its failure in providing uninterrupted power supply to the consumers.

They have been often complaining that power department is not adhering its own power curtailment schedule and consumers are being asked to pay more than the agreement.

But, the PDD in its petition submitted before the SERC said that it would meet the revenue gap through financial assistance from the government but would not increase the power tariff this year.

“The PDD was supposed to file the petition by the end of November last year but it failed to do so. Later they sought the time extension and finally submitted the petition on May 8, where they have mentioned that there will be no hike in power tariff for 2015-2016,” Secretary SERC, Abdul Hamid told KNS.

He said the SERC had fined Rs 20,000 to the PDD for its failure in filing the petition in due time.

While as official sources said the PDD was waiting for the elected government in J&K whether it wants to revise the power tariff in the state. “The power minister took the decision and finally it was decided that there is no requirement of revision in power tariff this fiscal,” sources said. The power tariff is being revised annually if government believes there is any such requirement.

People in several areas said the PDD made arbitrarily power hike. On this week, people of Qamarwari protested against the “hike” in electricity tariff by the PDD and demanded its revocation. “We used to pay Rs 550 but PDD has sent power bills of Rs 750,” Bashir Ahmad, a local had said.

People in various other places made similar complaints saying they witness frequent power cuts but are being asked to pay more than the agreement.

“Ours is a metered area still there are frequent power cuts especially during evening hours,” Farooq Ahmad, a resident of Bemina said.

 Chief Engineer PDD Bashir Ahmad Khan said they have not made any hike in power tariff. “There will be no hike in electricity tariff this year but if consumers use more electricity than they have to pay more money,” Khan said.

He said the cheapest electricity was being provided to the consumers in J&K unlike other states.

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