After Worst Floods, Rumours Of Earthquake Making Rounds In Srinagar

KL Report


Rumours have again started coming out about the dreadful earthquake that would engulf this already flood torn region in coming days.

As the earthquake was felt at around 2.15 a.m with the people coming out of their houses in shock, rumours have started oozing out from all sides that now it is the turn of earthquakes that would level everything.

People were seen gossiping the entire day in Srinagar’s old city about the past reports wherein it was predicted that massive earthquake will struck Kashmir in coming years. Some netizens also searched the reports on google and showed it to the elders. “Now Kashmir has turned arrogant. It hasn’t repented to what happened to it in the past,” an elderly person was seen saying to others near Rajoori Kadal.

The social networking sites also remained abuzz on Tuesday with the people raising concern about the threats of earthquake in valley and the alarm sounded already by the experts. “Kashmir comes in sesmic zone V and it is considered the most dangerous and prone to earthquakes. May God help us,” reads the status of one of the facebook user. The status update was flooded with comments of his friends wherein the earthquake of the previous night was threadbare discussed.

People also are of the opinion that he structures constructed in Kashmir at present are much delicate in nature that a serious shock could level everything here.

With the trauma of the recent floods not getting erased from the minds, people especially women have began expressing concern over another threat of the natural disaster. However, there were few who consoled each other saying, ‘’Nothing happens without the will of Allah’.

Meanwhile, scores of people rubbished these reports and termed them the mere rumours  and attempts to terrify people at large. “This is our old habit that whenever any disaster it witnessed, the same is followed by another shocking rumour. This trend had been going on in Kashmir since decades. I guess we were the people who carved Saddam Hussain’s picture out of the moon,” said Masood Ahmad, a Srinagar resident. 


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