Disinfect Hospitals Before Reopening: DAK

KL Report


President Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Dr Nisar ul Hassan Tuesday in a statement said that flood affected hospitals should be disinfected before reopening as per “Flood Remediation Protocols” to prevent post flood Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI).

The improper decontamination of hospitals will put patients and doctors at risk of infections. The surfaces of hospitals have to be disinfected with disinfectants like bleach followed by air drying and HEPA vacuum.

High risk units of hospitals have to be disinfected by special decontamination eg; Hydrogen Peroxide Vaporization. Porous material like linen, insulation have to be discarded and non porous material like metal, glass, plastic have to be decontaminated before use.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system has to be examined for molds by air samples and mold remediation measures are to be adopted.

Water quality of hospitals has to be ascertained by testing before it is declared safe for drinking for patients.

According to centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) and WHO, there is no need for mass immunization during floods. There is no specific vaccine recommendation during floods by these two authorized bodies. Recommendations for vaccines like typhoid, hepatitis A, Cholera, Tetanus in floods is same as during non flood conditions. People should  maintain good hygiene and drink boiled or chlorinated water to prevent water borne diseases.


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