‘Agenda of Alliance’ a Document of False Promises: NC’s Rana



Devendra Singh Rana
Devendra Singh Rana

Provincial President, Jammu, National Conference Devender Singh Rana on Thursday said that failure on governance front during its 10-month misrule is scaring PDP-BJP combine to come together and form the government as a consequence of which Jammu and Kashmir is facing unprecedented political instability.

“This has been publicly admitted by the PDP while announcing that before cobbling alliance again the progress achieved on the so-called Agenda of Alliance will be reviewed,” Rana said while addressing workers at Tanda, Jagti and Simberlarh in Nagrota Assembly Constituency this afternoon.

He described the Agenda of Alliance “a document of false promises” and said the “only commitment” between the duo was to “remain in power”. “Now that the first unsuccessful and miserable spell of the combine is over, failures on all fronts is haunting both the PDP and the BJP,” he maintained.

Rana said the “North Pole-South Pole” alliance “failed in addressing the political aspirations and fundamental developmental needs”, as a result of which the duo is indecisive in facing the people again. “The developmental tempo initiated and sustained by the Omar Abdullah led government during six years came to a grinding halt and all tall claims and promises delivered before and after formation of the government proved to be hoax.”

The Provincial President asked the coalition partners to justify indecision in making the government as per mandate given by the two regions, saying political instability could prove detrimental to the overall interests of the state. “We sincerely want the coalition to complete its term but the hide and seek between them is worrying the sagacious people of all the three regions,” he added.

The Provincial President observed that the “fixed match” between the PDP and BJP has started boomeranging. “The two parties,” he said, “fought tooth and nail each other in the 2014 parliamentary and assembly elections, as part of a strategy chartered in Nagpur, and after heightening tensions and polarising the society, the duo managed sizable seats in the two regions and got exposed after forming the government despite so-called ideological differences.” “The PDP and BJP reneged on their statements, made to garner votes and have surrendered respective political demands for lust of power.”

Expressing concern over continued political stalemate, the Provincial President urged the cadre to be prepared for meeting the challenges which may unfold due to indecision of the two parties.


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