Air collision averted over Banihal on Friday

SRINAGAR: Friday witnessed a serious air accident that could have colossal costs, reports from Delhi said. A BSF pane and a commercial air career flights were flying too close to each other over the Benihal heights.

Srinagar Aiport

Incidentally the BSF plane was carrying Rajiv Maharishi, the Home Secretary of India and 11 others. The IndiGo Aircraft was flying 180 passengers. Reports said the two aircrafts – of two different sizes – came “perilously close to each other”.

It was only after the automatic alarm system alerting the two pilots that the flying machines paved way for each other by changing the paths.

Director General Civil Aviations has initiated an investigation into the incident that, according to reports, was not revealed to the Home Secretary by the pilot of BSF aircraft.


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