Amid downpour people take their vehicles to safer places

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Amid downpour and dead of the night when people living in flood susceptible areas are busy in shifting their belongings to first and second floors, the men mostly youth are out on roads busy in parking their vehicles at safer places.

According to reports the roadside in areas which by and large remained dry in last year’s deluge, people are coming from various areas to park their vehicles in these areas.

Ajaz Ahmad, who lives in Bemina whille talking to Kashmir Life just now was on way to his brother’s place in Ahmad Nagar. Ajaz during day has shifted his belongings left untouched by flood last year to his newly constructed second storey. Now as he sense that situation may turn adverse, he has decided to shift his car.

He further said that on his way he found numerous vehicles on roadside kept by inhabitants of flood prone areas.

Pertinently during last year deadly flood, the vehicles were in the list of worst hit.


  1. One of the most reliable, quick and reliable source of information, thank you Kashmir Life team for keeping us updated.. Thanks again, May Almighty help everyone and bestow His Mercy on your whole team….Arshid Qalmi

    • I’m at Abu Bakar Mosque bemina. Nearby grid station. Jhelum just crossed 18.5 . Authorities are hesitant to declare yet.
      Move all ur stuff upstairs. Move vehicles to higher reaches.

      Best of luck.

      Dont panic, we’re all gonna die… eventually !!


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