It Is Flood Finally, Second In Six Months

KL Report


Irrigation & Flood Control Department has declared flood as the surging Jhelum crossed the flood mark at around 2 am at Sangam in south Kashmir. The gauge at Ram Munshi Bagh in Srinagar outskirts, however, is barely a few inches short of the flood mark. The river is still moving sluggishly towards its northern exit as Asham gauge point is still off the flood mark.

Officials said they are guarding the embankments in the city and will make their best to prevent any breach. They have deployed number of people to use sand bags.

Reports from Pampore suggest the surging Jhelum is making efforts to cross the highway in lower oart of the town where the main roard was breached in September. In certain areas people are out and helping officials in detecting any water seepage from under the banks.

It is raining heavily and officials say they are reading for the managing the evolving situation, Chief  Minister Mufti  sayeed and five of his ministers are camping Srinagar and supervising the efforts.

Srinagar city is not sleeping and most of the people in the low lying areas have shifted their aged and children to safer places but water logging is reported to be the main crisis.


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