Anger brewing in Chenab, Pir Panchal Valley’s Over Reasi Gujjar Attack



(A grab from video)

Massive anger was reported in Chenab Valley and Pir Panchal valley after gau rakshak’s brazenly attacked a Gujjar family and left them shot of lynching in remote Reasi. Protests were reported from Rajouri against the incident suggesting that any escalation of the vigilantism could disrupt the state.

“It is a shame that lot many people attack a small family and literally loot them,” one young speaker is heard saying to a small crow in Rajouri, the video of which was uploaded on Facebook. “These RSS men are trying to set J&K afire and most of the disturbances in Rajouri are taking place because of them.”

The unidentified young speaker said that video is a verdict on the partiality of the police force as it failed to protect the family. “You are snatching eyes from the youth in Kashmir and attacking the livelihoods of the people in this region,” he shouted while insisting the police, that was in the audience, to record and send it to Chief Minister. “We are for peace and we respect all faiths but if you do not want to maintain it, what can we do?”

The Raesi attack that has taken place somewhere in Talwara belt has actually been recorded on a cell phone. Its video has gone viral on the social networking websites. It shows a young woman begging for mercy with her hands folded as scores of surcharged young men are dismantling the small tin shed housing her family. Seemingly she is seen protecting her mother from any harm. The police is part of the crowd that seemingly is ineffective. Some cops are being seen heckled by the mob as well. The 1.37-minute video ends with an old man flat on ground after being ruthlessly beaten by the mobsters with sticks.

The family comprising five members survived injured in the Friday attack. They later fled with their herd, comprising 20 cows, herd dog, goat and sheep. Sammi, the youngest of the family, has survived with multiple fractures, various media report said. The injured family was initially shifted to a local hospital wherefrom they were shifted to the GMC hospital in Jammu.

Naseem Begum, who talked to NDTV in Jammu, said the Rakshaks wanted the family dead. “When I could feel that they would attack my honour, I fled,” she alleged. “They wanted to kill us and throw our bodies into the river,” said Naseem Begam, one of the victims.

State Police Chief S P Vaid directed immediate registration of FIR and sent the range DIG to the spot. Initially, police were reluctant to arrest the culprits – mostly known to the family and cops, fearing law and order problem. They, however, were later arrested after the incident dominated the news at all-India level.

“We have registered a FIR. I have asked DIG of Udhampur range to visit the area,” DGP was quoted saying. “Strict action will be taken against these goons.” By now the entire flock that was looted has been recovered and returned to the family.

SHRC has also initiated action in the case. But the case will haunt the ruling coalition especially in the twin valley’s of Jammu where Muslim minorities live. Gujjars are a major portion of the Muslim population living in Jammu region and most of the Muslims living in the Dogra heartland are also Gujjars.


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