Annual urs of Hazrat Shah Asrar-Ud-Din (RA) celebrated at Kishtwar


M M Malik

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Annual Urs Sharief of Hazarat Shah Asrar-Ud-Din Sahib was celebrated with religious fervour in Kishtwar district of Chenab valley.

One of the most revered saints of Kishtwar, Shah Asrar represents the common cultural heritage and mutual love between various communities of this area.

Devotees at the shrine of Shah Asrar Sahib (KL Image: M M Malik)

Every year thousands of devotees from all walks of life and different religions and regions throng the famous shrine of Shah Asrar-Ud Din Sahib in Kishtwar to pay their reverence to the pious saint and seek his blessings. Locally the Urs is known as 25 Katak as it falls on 25th of Kartik month of Vikrami Samvat.



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