Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) on Sunday said that if the Chairman of Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani needs a passport he should give an affidavit to acknowledge that he is an Indian, and he should apologize for indulging in anti-India activities.

In a statement to KNS BJP spokesman Khalid Jehangir said, “Passport cannot be given to Geelani sahib till he apologizes for the mistakes he has committed during the past 25 years. Passports are issued to Indian citizens and not the ones who don’t believe in India and its democracy.”

“If Geelani sahib wants the passport then has to fall in the line and follow law of the land,” Jehangir added.

The BJP spokesman said that if Geelani acknowledges that he is an Indian and won’t indulge in anti-India activities then Government of India can consider his request for the passport. “The GoI cannot give a passport to a person who spews venom against the country where he lives and enjoys all the comforts.”

The BJP spokesman said, “Geelani sahib should admit that he has pursued a wrong ideology for his entire life and has pushed people of Jammu and Kashmir towards darkness and wilderness. It’s high time for him to accept his follies and join the mainstream.”


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