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A day after BJP stated that it will scrap Article 370 if voted to power, former interlocutor for J&K Professor Radha Kumar Friday said that India will lose all rights over Kashmir if it will abrogate Article 370. She said that India’s relationship with Kashmir is based on Article 370 and in case it is scraped Kashmir’s accession with India will cease.

Advising BJP to stop playing Article 370 card, Radha told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS that this party forgets that Jammu and Kashmir has its own Constitution and Article 370 is the only proof of India’s relation with Kashmir.

“The team of Interlocutors during their visit to Jammu had categorically told BJP leaders not to raise Article 370 issue anytime. BJP fails to understand that Jammu and Kashmir is a special State which has acceded in a different way and condition. Those who say that there will be no bearing on India’s relationship with Kashmir if Article 370 is scrapped are living in fool’s world and these people barely know the ABC of History,” she said adding that BJP leaders are not realistic.

Kumar further said that BJP leaders are acting like ostriches who shout with their eyes shut. “This party knows it well that it is not their cup of tea to scrap Article 370 but for vote politics they are trying to be rhetorical. “Why BJP acted as mute spectators when it was in power. Leave aside Article 370 it even forget to implement Uniform Civil Code,” she said.

Radha warned New Delhi that there will be further alienation in case elections are rigged in Jammu and Kashmir. “Election Commission of Kashmir must ensure free and fair elections and declared those elections null and void where from it will received complaints. People in Kashmir have feeling that elections are being rigged and this time New Delhi must take appropriate steps to curb those elements who indulge in booth-capturing and other coercive measures,” she said adding that Election Commission must set up Complaint and Grievance Cells in advance.


  1. I’m not sure, “Why Madam is so much worked up”? Is it to please congress backed UPA to repay their debts for her interlocuter appointment? Article 370 is a clear temporary document which starts at the top “Temporary ….” Then what is meant by temporary and for how long a ‘temporary’ means? What is the length of a temporary period? Instead of raising a high pitch, Madam should have better enlightened her audience with her arguments after addressing the Article first. She is just trying to trick by playing in the hands of few anti-social elements of pro-Kashmiri or pro-Congress leaferships. Highly unfortunate…They are doing more damage and disservice to the nation. Their *** posture is well known.


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