Artists Protest Against ‘Vandalisation’ of Art Gallery

KL Report


Scores of artists on Wednesday staged a protest demonstration near Tourist Reception Center ( TRC) against the alleged vandalizing of the first art gallery, “Gallerie One”  by the tourism officials, which was inaugurated just last month by the then Director Tourism, Talat Parvez.

The artists were holding ply cards with slogans against the officials, demanding inquiry into the “vandalizing” of the gallery. The artists alleged that the officials damaged most of artworks worth crores of rupees.

They said that the officials failed to provide any document or notice before they started putting down the art works. Protesting artists alleged that the tourism officials entered the gallery premises and began vandalizing it. “We fought for 40 years to get an art gallery in Srinagar and they vandalized it,” said a prominent artist.

The gallery, which showcased over 100 renowned artists and their works, was the first of its kind art gallery in the Valley. It was thrown open to public on January 12.


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