PDP, BJP Last Time Hitches May Delay Modi-Mufti Meet

KL Report


Ideologically different PDP-BJP representatives have started a fresh round of talks to settle some last time differences on the Common Minimum Programme, sources said on Thursday.

The last time differences according to sources have created some hitches in finalising the Common Minimum Programme which are likely to affect the Mufti-Modi meeting scheduled for Friday.

“The meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, which was slated for Friday, also looks unlikely to happen,” sources said.

The consequences, they said, could be a delay in the swearing-in ceremony, which is to take place on Sunday.

Sources said that a meeting was held late last night to resolve the fresh differences about CMP however it was not clear whether the meeting could prove fruitful.

The two parties are expected to govern Jammu and Kashmir on the basis of a CMP. They spent last two months to prepare the same.

Recently, it was formally announced that BJP and PDP will form a coalition government in the state after a meeting between Amit Shah and Mehbooba Mufti.


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