Dukhtaran-e-Millat chief Asiya Andrabi Saturday condemned assault on Kashmir Life photo chief and his colleagues while performing their professional duties in Nowhatta area in Old city on Friday.

While sympathizing with the injured Photo Journalist Bilal Bahadur, Asiya said, “it is hard to believe that any civilian can harm any journalist. It is most likely that government people in civvies have tried to stop the journalists to show the real face of India to the world through the pictures of barbarism they capture.”

Asiya hailed the people for observing a complete strike against the ‘desecration’ of Jamia Masjid. She however said that, “the strikes only cannot stop the puppet govt from the new forms of oppression and emphasized on the leadership and masses to show a tough resistance towards the ill designs of the oppressors. I don’t think that these strikes only can help, both the leadership and the masses need to understand that RSS ideologues have decided not even to allow us pray and attend to other religious obligations,” she said.

Dukhtaran-e-Millat president further said that tear smoke shells were fired inside the Masjid and suffocation caused to the fasting devotees, including women, present there besides many a worshipers were shamelessly beaten to pulp.

She said that the forces shouldn’t have dared to enter the Masjid that too with weapons and the shoes put on. Asiya Andrabi, however, said, “the Kashmir is an oppressed nation where the people are not free to even practice their religion. Such helpless are we that we cannot practice our religion at our will, whenever the puppet rulers want to allow us to pray they do otherwise they lock the Masjid and prevent us from bowing our head before Allah”.

“All this is about an RSS plan which is being implemented by the help of PDP, it seems, it has been decided that Kashmiris are denied the right to practice the religion,” she said. (CNS)


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