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Strongly condemning the latest massacre of minorities in Assam through organized violence, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Sunday warned that such senseless and targeted carnage could have dangerous consequences for the country.

“It’s extremely painful to see such barbaric acts of targeted violence being operationalized in the 21st century democratic India,” he said adding, “continuation of such atrocities against minorities, lack of accountability and stereotyping of Muslims is not only fueling a sense of insecurity among the community but is also breeding perilous alienation.”

Mufti said while addressing an election rally in Lolab Assembly segment of Baramulla Parliamentary constituency once elected to the Parliament, PDP representatives would work with the community leaders across the country to address the issues of minority insecurity and their developmental rights.

Mufti said the continued denial of justice and full democratic rights has led to a sense of mistrust in Kashmir as well and there seems to be no reason for the country’s political leadership to dither on this most serious problem that has been a source of discord, disruption and destruction for more than six decades.

“Peace and resolution is an idea that has arrived for Kashmir and if the people want to change their destiny through democratic means they shall have to join the movement for change through ballot,” he said and added that through its untiring efforts and the Self-Rule agenda PDP has been able to create a middle ground for all forces of peace progress and reconciliation to operate. These forces, he said, need to be strengthened and given credible instruments to deliver on peace and progress fronts. He said the progress achieved through various confidence building measures that were put into place during PDP-led government between 2002 and 2005, should now be utilized for a final Kashmir solution by taking all the stake-holders on board. He reiterated the resolve of his party to stand by the people of the State and work for the agenda of peace, progress and prosperity set by it.

Mufti said the miseries people of Jammu & Kashmir have been undergoing for the past six decades are the outcome of the deceitful tactics resorted to by the NC leaders in their lust for power.

“To quote some instances of NC’s dubious role, the party in a hurry to grab power couldn’t bargain with the Government of India for any political or economic concession for the State when it was in a position to do so in 1996 and how it rushed through the formation of Government after the latest 2008 polls without having even a Common Minimum Program with Congress reflects the power-lust of once the premiere political party of the State,” he said and added that given its opportunistic policies, no wonder people in south and central Kashmir have already discarded this party and it was now for the people of North Kashmir to take the ongoing movement for change to its logical conclusion.

Mufti clarified that prior to conceiving and debating the issue of resolution and outlining its contours, it is imperative that an enabling environment is created for a sustainable solution.

“This is the phase where mental, material and motivational reconciliation takes place, both at the intra and inter-state level,” he said and added that the Government of India must firmly make up its mind that the only way forward in Jammu & Kashmir is the non-military and democratic way.


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