National Conference Saturday while strongly condemning the unprecedented teargas shelling assault on fasting Nimazis inside the historic Jamia Masjid during Friday prayers said such ruthlessly suppressive tendencies of the PDP-BJP Mufti Sayeed Government were indicative of PDP’s growing “vengeance” against the people of Kashmir who have unequivocally and unanimously condemned PDP’s post-election “sell-out” to the BJP.

NC Spokesperson while terming the incident as unacceptable and shocking said, “PDP’s pre-election ‘Battle of Ideas’ slogan had been brazenly transformed into a ‘Battle against Kashmiris’ policy by the party and the PDP-BJP Coalition Government in the State.”

“On one hand the Mufti Sayeed Government orders teargas shells to be lobbed inside the historic Jamia Masjid during Friday prayers and on the other hand female students are forcibly evicted from their hostels in the Kashmir University campus after days of protests there against the arrest of a student. Where is PDP’s touted ‘Battle of Ideas’ slogan today? While in opposition, PDP claimed a moral high-ground in its moralistic criticism of the previous Government’s handling of much graver law-and-order situations. Today, PDP has ventured into uncharted territory of suppression and tyranny by putting Hurriyat Leaders under house arrest, preventing them from offering Friday prayers and getting teargas shells lobbed inside the Jamia Masjid premises during Friday prayers. Where is Mehbooba Mufti today when her own party, of which she is the President, is crossing all limits in suppressing and attacking the people of Kashmir?” the NC Spokesperson asked of PDP.

“We also strongly condemn the poor and insensitive handling of the situation that emerged on the Kashmir University campus following the arrest of a student on charges which are being strongly denied by the student fraternity. Whatever the merits or demerits of the police case against the student, the way this issue has been handled is extremely unfortunate and poses a risk to the ever-fragile peace in the Valley. Stun grenades being used to disperse students on their own campus in the presence of University Authorities is extremely tragic. The continued refusal of the Education Minister and the Chief Minister to step in to de-escalate this situation is perplexing. They are either too arrogant to care or have some vested interest in pushing our youth into a corner”, the NC spokesperson stated.

The NC Spokesperson, while lashing out at the PDP-BJP Government, said such progressively repressive tendencies of the Government posed a threat to peace and stability in the State as the youth of the State had been pushed into a corner within just a few months of the PDP-BJP Mufti Government coming to power.

“With every passing day, the PDP-BJP Government is proving to be an anti-youth and anti-people Government that is being run from Nagpur with a silent, cosmetic semblance of a Chief Minister in Kashmir who is silent on one u-turn after another on all his pre-poll promises and rhetoric”, the statement said.


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