Assembly: Rs 1829.28 Crores allocated under MNREGA in last 2 yrs

Aakash Hassan


KL Image by Aakash Hassan

In last two years 1,899.28 Crore rupees have been allocated under MNNREGA in Jammu and Kashmir, govt said.

In a written reply, government informed the house that in the year 2015-16 the total allocation has been marked as 1004.08 Crores while in the year 2016-17 it lowered by 108.88 Crores.

In the two years the center share has been 1,709.47 Crores while State share was 189.40 Crores.

In the year 2015-16 the highest funds have been allotted to Kupwara constituency that amount to 1930.65 lacs.

While in the year 2016-17 the highest allocation has been made to Nubra Constituency with 1006.82 lacs.

Lowest allocation has been marked to Eidgah constituency segment with 30.19 lac allocation in 2015-16. Hazratbal constituency has been allocated 2.27 lacs, the lowest in 2016-17.


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