Assembly: Rs 3670260 Hawala Money Recovered since 2013, says Govt



A total of Rs 3670260 was recovered by J&K government since 2013 up to May 12, 2016 as Hawala money. A total of 37 persons were arrested in the same period of time in the related cases.

The details were made public by government on Tuesday in Lower House of the state legislature in response to BJP’s Sat Paul Sharma.

“As per reports, foreign funds are being routed through various channels including Hawala and Foreign Indian Currency Network (FICN),” Home department said in the reply.

The reply said that besides Rs 3670260 cash, 900 USD were recovered under Hawala in 2014 while 33 Gold Coins were recovered in 2015.

The Home Department, however, did not disclose identity of any person involved in the Hawala cases. “No such report has been received in the past.”

In response to another question, the Home department informed that 86 militants (05 Foreign Militants) were arrested in 2013; 70 (02 FM) in 2014; 67 (04 FM) in 2015 and 36 (02 FM) in 2016 up to May 12. The arrested persons also included suspects.

The government further said that an amount of Rs 5115100 was recovered since 2013 in cases related to forged or counterfeit currency notes or bank notes. It added that USD 6980 was recovered under same case in 2015.

Government arrested 1517 people in narcotics related cases since 2013.


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