Attack on school bus in PaK atrocious, shameful: Dukhtaran

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DeM secretary general Nahida Nasreen

Lashing out at the army and union government for what it called “terror activities” along the line of control, Dukhtaran-e-Millat Friday said that the attack on a school van in Kashmir by “barbaric” forces is a shameful and an atrocious act.

In a statement issued here, while condemning the attack, DeM secretary general Nahida Nasreen said that India is using different tools to destabilize the country (Pakistan). She said that India should “mend” its ways and stop “exporting terror” to Pakistan.

The statement quoting Nasreen said that India has been using these tools since 1971 when she “conspired” against Pakistan and used “terror” for the creation of a state in West Pakistan.

“She said that India and its Hindu terror outfits, including its intelligence agencies should know that today’s Pakistan is not the Pakistan of 1971. Today Pakistan is nuclear power with Lacs of mujahideen inside and outside Pakistan ready to die for protection of it,” the statement added.

“She said that these tools are not going to work anymore for Pakistan is a much stronger country now. The people of Pakistan understand the dirty designs of Baniya’s of India,” she said.

“BJP led by Modi and Hindutva terror outfits are using all their evil designs to create an atmosphere of terror on the Line of Control,” the statement quoted Nasreen as having said.

Referring to Peshawar terror attack in Pakistan she said that “A Muslim cannot carry out such barbaric attacks and all these attacks are done under a well-designed conspiracy of RAW and its Hindu terror outfits.”

“We know that India has never accepted Pakistan’s existence from day one due to the Kashmir Issue. India wants to involve Pakistan in internal conflicts so that it cannot raise the Kashmir Issue. Therefore the need of the hour is that Pakistan looks India in the eye asking it to stop exporting terror.”


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