Attack on women folk worrisome, alarming: JKLF

KL Report


Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Saturday strongly condemned the attacks on women folk especially female employees by some officers and higher officials. According to a statement issued to KNS, a JKLF spokesperson said that this phenomenon is increasing day by day and the situation is very alarming and worrisome.

Referring to the alleged molestation of a female nurse by director heath and some other officers, spokesperson said that if this kind of brazenness is not stopped immediately, the situation of anarchy will increase in the society and the chastity and honour of every mother, sister and daughter will be at stake.

He said that people are watching these condemnable acts with keenness and are looking whether the culprits who belong to high society get punishment or not. “If rulers and their police are not able to bring these culprits to justice, people will have every right to think that police as in other cases has and is siding with the influential not the poor and un-influential victims,” he said. “This may also confirm that our society as a whole has lost every moral and human instinct and un-influential have only to suffer without any remedy.”


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