Attaining Power is Not the Only Aim of PDP: Mufti


KL Desk
October 21

Accusing National Conference of eroding democratic institutions, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed on Sunday said that PDP led regime had not only brought accountability and transparency in the government but also revived peoples’ faith in the democracy.

“The way present regime has betrayed people who had over-whelming participated in the Panchayat elections is a clear indication that this government is not interested to strengthen democratic institutions in the State”, he said.
“It was PDP that restored peoples’ faith in democracy through fairness and transparency in its governance,” he added.

Mufti was addressing a function to welcome Jatinder Bhat, a prominent businessman who along with large number of his supporters  joined PDP. A number of Panchayat members from different parts of Jammu region also joined PDP.
Lambasting the government for delaying urban local bodies’ elections, Mufti regretted that this regime has even degraded the highest institution of Governor by not fulfilling the promise which was made in Governor’s Address of this year’s budget session. “During the last about four years, this regime has undermined democratic institutions”.

The PDP patron said his party had scripted a new chapter of peace and development in the State. He said that July 28, 1999 was landmark in the political history of Jammu and Kashmir because PDP was formed on that very day and this party has revived people’s faith in the democratic institutions.

Reiterating his resolve to deliver justice to all regions and sub-regions of the State, Mufti sought support of the people to change the present  ‘inefficient’ and ‘corrupt’ system.

“Attaining power is not the only aim of PDP. I already have enjoyed important positions in the government”, Mufti said, adding, “with the support and cooperation of the people I want to set up new system of accountability and transparency where every section would get equal opportunities of growth and development”.

Terming PDP led coalition government as agent of change, Mufti said, “We had just 16 members in our kitty but we took pro-people revolutionary steps to provide justice to the all sections of the society”, he said and added that it was only during PDP led regime that governance consciousness was generated in the people of the State.

The former Chief Minister said PDP envisaged a system of fair governance and transparency where people would really feel empowered. “It hardly matters whether we from the government or any other political party but we are committed to the cause of establishing a system that can withstood all pressures and manipulations of political elites,” he said adding that his party will continue to work for making political class accountable to the people.


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