August 15, 2015: Postcard Pictures

With curfew like situation, shutdown call, huge contingent of police and CRPF men on streets, August 15 function passed off peacefully. The drizzle left the ground wet and snap in lines of communication left people not reachable till the tricolour was unfurled. Chief Minister Mufti M Sayeed reiterated his vision in his speech at Bakhshi Stadium, the venue of the main function. Photo chief Bilal Bahadur freezes the frames for readers


The drizzle made the coloured balloons too heavier to take off. Contingent of police, locals confined under make shift tent and welcome message on large bill board marked the inauguration of August 15 function in Srinagar.


First time in his second innings as Chief Minister, Mufti Muhammad Sayeed along with his family arriving in Srinagar’s Bakhshi stadium, venue of the main function in Kashmir.


Mufti unfurls the flag amid rainfall and sticky petals.


Wet land and rains though had affect, but did not let scheme of things go out of way. Mufti along with state police chief K Rajendra Kumar and ADGP S M Sahai during guard of honour.


This time the barrel of guns was in position for a different reason. Police contingent of Jammu And Kashmir Police giving guard of honour.


Mufti’s round up in a jeep to inspect guard off honour. A hand in air and a smile on face.


Decorated for the event, lady officials in the parade. Some seem to be lost somewhere.


The ‘maverick’ talked business, reiterated his vision despite the fact that he is grappling with age, health, situation and coalition politics.


Amid the drops of rain, the performance by youth generated heat wave around as they danced to tune of Roashi wala myaeni Dilbaro


With multi-colour attire, the dancing performance of artists set the stadium on vibration. Though there were mismatch amongst them, but then it still was a treat.


Mrs and Mr Mufti watching the performances keenly .


The performance was good and the audience were engaged upto the last moment.


Oh! The Abdullah and Mufti scions on same page. The hearts may have different stories, but the faces smiled together.


This day the might is also displayed. A daredevil of JKP jumps through fire of circle and breaks the ceiling of used tube lights of glass.


It is not the circus, but the part of August 15 celebrations.


Managing the wet ground was difficult. Expertise apart, the grip was lost and bikers were seen on ground.

PThe departure was not smooth. In hurry for no reason, then audience took the route of walls and wires, instead of gates.


The colour of Bakhshi stadium was confined within. Outside the situation was grim. It was curfew like situation. This is Lal Chowk seen from a plastic barricade.

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