Authorities responsible for spread of H1N1 virus: Hurriyat (M)

KL Report


Expressing serious concern over the fast spreading of swine flu in Kashmir, Hurriyat (M) spokesman Wednesday said that the people of Kashmir who are still going through the trauma of the recent floods are now face to face with another serious problem.

“It was highly regrettable that the health department completely ignored the deadly H1N1 virus disease, which has now started taking the shape of an epidemic affecting large number of people across Kashmir,” the spokesman said.

He said the authorities exhibited the highest level of carelessness to deal with the deadly virus. “Instead of publicizing the precautions to be taken against the swine flu to prevent it from spreading,” the spokesman said, “the news of patients who were affected was blanketed and thereby allowed it to spread till it has now taken the dangerous trend.”

The spokesman said the authorities have completely failed to address this disease and they are the ones responsible for its spreading.

“The magnitude of the problem could be gauged by the fact that SKIMS authorities have now finally admitted that two patients died of H1N1 virus while 70 others are lying in the hospitals for treatment,” he said.

The spokesman said that even though some customary statements were issued by the health authorities that they have taken steps to stop the deadly virus from spreading among the population, “the truth is that they are not equipped with proper diagnostic centres and medicines to deal with life threatening disease called swine flu.”

He said it openly testifies the callousness and intransigence of the authorities towards the sufferings and difficulties of the population: “Across the length and breadth of Kashmir, people were concerned and scared of the disease.”

Appealed doctors, the spokesman said, doctor associations, medicos and other persons related to health sector to come forward and take emergency steps and help the people at this hour of need.

The spokesman also appealed people to rise to the occasion and with the spirit of humanity, brotherhood and determination face the situation by helping each other and without taking any undue benefit of the situation.


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