Backdoor Appointments Tip Of The Iceberg :Sajad Lone

KL Report

Peoples’ Conference Chairman, Sajad Lone has stated that the issue of backdoor appointments in J&K is a reflection of how the state has been misruled autocratically by its traditional political dynasties for decades. “Both NC and PDP have a quid-pro-quo relationship with corruption and have ruled J&K as an inherited heirloom in different capacities and roles,” sajad said.

“Backdoor appointments were made in bulk by every state government in J&K for the considerations of amassing family silver and handing out jobs for votes,” he added.

Accusing NC and PDP of being responsible for converting J&K into one of the most if not the most corrupt state in the country, he asid that, “what’s tragic is that Congress, to keep both regional parties in J&K under its patronage, has given NC and PDP a license to plunder the wealth and resources of this State. While we are witnessing expose’s after expose’s across India, be it the Irrigation Scam in Maharashtra or the Mining Scam in Karnataka – hundreds of such and bigger scams in J&K are being brushed under the carpet – a never ending cover-up that has been sanctioned by the Congress in association with NC and PDP.”

Asking the parties about the illegal practices, he said that, “it’s time to ask questions of these dynasties and from their heirloom political parties.  How have they amassed billions in wealth and assets without absolutely any visible and known sources of income? The same Abdullah family that boasts about the equitable results of the Land Reform Act now perhaps directly and indirectly owns one of the biggest real estate portfolios in the State. There is a reason why PDP and Mufti Sayeed have remained silent and will continue to remain silent on this issue and the reason is simple – PDP and the Mufti family is guilty of the same blame and have numerous skeletons of wanton corruption in their closets.”

Sajad Lone has demanded that the Supreme Court takes suo moto cognizance of the blatant malaise of corruption in J&K and issues directives for a SC monitored, central investigation into the issue of backdoor appointments during both PDP and NC’s tenure.  Thousands of casual workers have been employed and adjusted in various department in J&K since 1990 in clear violation of procedures and norms. While the turmoil has ravaged the lives of Kashmiris, corruption and misrule by patronized political dynasties in Kashmir have made reconciliation an unrealizable dream. Corruption and red-tape are the hallmarks of the modus operandi of both these corrupt traditional mainstream parties. They have designed a system that discourages any private sector growth in the State and have gone out of their way to keep J&K starved for investment and development.

“The two-pronged malicious strategy of NC and PDP is to discourage private sector growth in J&K on one end and dole out government jobs selectively on the other end. They have been historic proponents of this strategy to keep Kashmiris disempowered, poor and jobless – because a poor and helpless nation is easier to manipulate and exploit for political goals,” sajad said.

PC Chairman has said that the party has decided to constitute a team of lawyers and RTI activists to file RTIs and collect information about the misappropriation of funds and on the issue of backdoor appointments in various government departments. The team will be given the responsibility to expose institutional corruption and loot in the State.



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