Baig Clarifies his Statement

KL Report


PDP leader Muzaffar Hussain Baig has clarified his statement regarding Pakistani refugees which has created storm in the political circles of the state.

“I received a call from a very responsible person Sunday asking me the meaning and purpose of expressing my views at this critical juncture. I was told that National Conference and JKLF will take an undue advantage of my statement and may probably launch an agitation against the proposed alliance between PDP and BJP,” Baig said.

“I did not specify the parameters of the solution but only indicated the guidelines for the same.” Baig said.

He added “according to me, this is a humanitarian problem and not a political. The refugees are already settled here and they have a right to vote for Parliament. The issue is whether they can be granted the status of permanent residents of the state or not.”

“I indicated that this can be done only if the Jammu & Kashmir Constitution permits it. Those who understand the constitution of the State know that there is no provision to that effect,” Baig said adding “I indicated that so far as the point of view of Muslims is concerned, it should be guided by the teachings of Holy Quran and Sunnah, while Hindus may have their own point of view.”

“Is there anything wrong in suggesting that Muslims should follow the tenants of their faith in finding a solution to this humanitarian problem?,” Baig asked.

According to Baig if refugees from Pakistan who are already enjoying the citizenship of India, are to be given status of permanent residents of the State, then wouldn’t it be possible for Bangladeshi refugees in India to claim similar status where-ever they are presently settled in India.

“Am I wrong in pointing out this crucial issue for the consideration of Government of India,” Baig said.

Baig said that there has been a whisper campaign that I am pushing for an alliance between BJP and PDP because I would like to get some personal benefit out of it. “I have made it clear to both the BJP emissary as well as PDP leadership that I express my views without any desire or agenda to secure any political position. In fact, I have submitted a written communication to Mufti Sahib with the request that my letter of resignation from Parliament should be forwarded to the Hon’ble Speaker of Lok Sabha, if my intentions are ever suspected.”


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