Band, Baja and ‘Banged’ Bharatis!


KL Report


At midnight Sunday, a marriage party announced its arrival in Srinagar’s Batamaloo by bursting loud crackers. The intensity of crackers was mistaken for cross-firing — now a waned nightmare of Srinagar.

But the moment residents of Doobhi Mohalla — where the party was scheduled to visit — knew that loud crackers were being burst by groom’s party, they came out of the houses and pounced on the marriage party.

“What happened after that was both hilarious as well as maddening,” Showket Ahmad, a resident of Doobhi Mohalla said. “Bharatis were seen running for their lives to avoid facing irked locals. It was total chaos.”

Though the groom was spared from beating, but his marriage party faced the midnight music they created at first place.

“It is shame that Kashmiris are mimicking these absurd ways of celebrating marriages,” Ahmad said. “Such irking ways of celebrations can’t be accepted. Everyone must come forward to stop it.”

With marriage season already going on in valley, crackers seem to have become inseparable part of marital celebrations. Amid this euphoria, possibility is: what happened at Batamaloo last night might be an instance of its own kind. But who knows — may be midnight music will kick start another ‘dark’ humour!

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