Befooling People Assigned To Nazir And Kamal: PDP

KL Report


Dismissing Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s criticism of the UN role in monitoring ceasefire on the line of control (LoC) the PDP Wednesday said it was typical of NC leadership’s tradition of speaking in different languages in order to play to galleries of different kinds.

In a statement the party’s Chief Spokesperson Naeem Akhtar said the ruling party has converted double speak into a fine art and Chief Minister’s remarks are a typical sample of that having come as they did after the party called for “holding plebiscite in J&K to determine its future”.

“Historically the tallest leader of the NC was known to speak different languages at different places and at different times. But, with diminishing stature of its leaders the party has assigned different roles to the top leaders coming from Abdullah family,” Akhtar said adding “Under this division of labour strategy  Dr Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah keep the powers in New Delhi in good humour while  the task of befooling Kashmiris has been assigned to Sheikh Nazir Ahmad and Dr Mustafa Kamal who keep the separatist pot simmering,”.

The PDP Spokesman said the forked tongue of the NC leadership has devastated the lives of many generations in the state and even contributed to hostilities between India and Pakistan. He said the NC leaders from Abdullah family like Sheikh Nazir Ahmad and Dr Mustafa Kamal have called for withdrawal of troops from the state and holding of plebiscite so that people of Jammu & Kashmir could determine whether to remain a party of India or accede to Pakistan. “They swear by the constitution of India to stay in power, sellout state’s autonomy and water & power resources and simultaneously preach secession to hoodwink the people. It would be enough of a favour for the people of Jammu & Kashmir if the NC leadership could retrieve even a small part of our water and power resources from the NHPC so that the people did not have to shiver in dark and freezing nights instead of speaking a language which has no takers when it comes from the NC,” he said.

Akhtar said NC is the party that sold out the last state institution the J&K Bank and conceded every authority to the government of India for staying in power and when they see that the elections are drawing closer and they have nothing to show to people by way of performance the NC has resorted to its old gimmick of calling for “Raishumari”.

Akhtar said the timing of the blow hot blow cold by NC leadership would also suggest that the party was trying to black mail centre into continuing its blind support to the party. “The statements calling for a plebiscite could be a tactics to convey a massage to the centre that the NC could create problems in case its unilateral demand for a coalition with congress is not accepted,”, he said.


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