‘Before threatening Centre solve PDP’s internal conflicts’: Ram Madhav to Mehbooba


BJP general secretary Ram Madhav on Saturday assailed former J&K chief minister Mehbooba Mufti for threatening the Centre to create more ‘Salahuddins’ if there were attempts to split PDP, reports claimed.

Madhav denied allegations that the BJP was trying to create a rift within PDP. “She should solve her party’s internal conflicts before blaming the saffron party.”

“What Mehbooba ji said is unfortunate and based on lies. No one in Delhi is trying to break their party (PDP). Instead of solving their internal conflicts, they’re blaming Delhi and threatening in name of terrorism. As far as BJP is concerned, we aren’t trying to break any party,” ANI quoted Madhav as saying.

On the ‘Salahuddin’ threat, Madhav sternly said the Centre and security forces had the necessary strength to neutralize all terrorists in the valley and also those who might join militancy. “The Central government and security forces have the power to neutralize all the terrorists who are in the valley and those might turn to terrorism due to Mehbooba ji,” the BJP leader said, the report mentioned.

Referring to the discontentment within PDP after four MLAs and an MLC spoke out against her leadership, Mufti on Friday warned the Centre that any attempt to break the party would have a “very dangerous” outcome. PDP MLC Yasir Reshi, who called for “an end to the two family politics,” Indian Express reported.


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