Bhim Singh Demands Dissolution of Assembly, Fresh Elections in J&K



bhim-singhWhile addressing media at Press Club Jammu this morning, Prof Bhim Singh urged President of India to intervene into the serious crisis developed in J&K and revise the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir to dissolve the State (J&K) Assembly without any delay so that fresh elections may be held this year to elect a new government in accordance with the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir which differs from the Constitution of India.

Prof Singh, a Sr Advocate and expert in the Constitutional Affairs said that the political situation in J&K is beyond any repairs and “new government of the ‘hawks’ and ‘doves’ cannot be constituted only to please the power hungry and corrupt politicians responsible for corruption, militancy, lawlessness and political mess in the state”.

He said that the Governor has imposed Governor Rule—“though late and that demands immediate dissolution of the J&K Assembly without delay so that fresh elections may be held by the end of this year”.

“Governor should invoke special powers and introduce delimitation of the Assembly constituencies. Firstly all the reserved Assembly seats in Jammu Pradesh should be rotated without any delay, which have been kept under reservation for nearly two decades,” he said.

He also demanded that the Assembly constituencies should be delimited according to the Constitution of new districts in the state as the law does not permit an Assembly constituency to be extended to another district.

Prof Singh demanded that Jammu and Kashmir should be reorganized by establishing twin states, Jammu State and Kashmir Ghati State by giving each state ‘state powers’ so that each state shall act of its own with full control over subjects mentioned in the State List (Schedule–VII).

“The new confederation of states may have one Governor and one High Court with the subjects in the Concurrent List may remain common.”

He suggested that Ladakh region, if the people there, so decide may be brought under the Union Territory (List).

Prof Singh appealed to the people of Jammu and Kashmir to consider this aspect which is the only way to open windows of progress, development and respectable rehabilitation of the people from all the regions.


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