Bikers Horrify People On Foreshore Road; Police Promises Action

KL Report


Locals at Foreshore road Sunday complained that the bikers making unusual bike stunts are creating huge problems for people to travel through the area.

According to reports received by KNS, residents of Foreshore road said that the bikers have made it difficult for the common people to travel through the area and that the bikers, particularly youth make unusual bike stunts on roads due to which dreadful accidents take place.

“I cannot travel with my family on this road, they (Bikers) have made it difficult for me to drive vehicle, they sometimes make unusual posters in front of the road,” said  Mukhtar Ahmad, a resident of Hazratbal. He further stated that young boys ride bikes at a very high speed and suddenly turn the bike around. “It is unusual, you cannot do it on road where people travel with their families.”

The Foreshore road is famous as it is located on the banks of dal lake and connects many areas of the city with Nishat and Shalimar Gardens.

The senior police officer while pleading for anonymity said that the police several times have taken into custody the boys who were seen performing stunts on roads.  He further stated that police requested their families not to let their wards to do such things. “We have done these things many times but we cannot keep vigil all the time.” He added that whenever police party make rounds in the area, the bikers disappear but immediately regroup after police leaves the spot.

The police official requested the masses to report immediately to police if they see any youth performing stunts or driving carelessly on the roadside. “I request people to just dial 100, the number of Police control room (PCR)  and give location and vehicle number of the bike, we will take action,” assures the police officer.


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