Birla Open Minds School Is A Charitable Trust, Veil Needs To Be Lifted: FFRC

by Saifullah Bashir

SRINAGAR: Committee for Fixation and Regularization of Fee of Private Schools J&K (FFRC) has ordered the Birla Open Minds School Pampore to not charge any fee from students as the said school is a “charitable” trust.

In an order issued, the FFRC said the school is run by a trust which though is shown to be charitable in nature has one landlord who is the son of the chairman of the trust.

Committee said that Prima Facie showing that the Trustees and landlords are the same legal entity and are deriving huge financial benefits from the trust which has to be charitable in character.

“The veil has to be lifted to ascertain the true picture whether the trust is being run as a Charitable or a Profitable Trust. Besides, the School Management shall explain and submit a report about the expenditure on account of Rent, Advertising and setup fee within three months to enable the committee to find out whether the students may get a further rebate in fee,” reads the order.

The Committee said they received various complaints from the parents of students studying in the school alleging that the school is charging Rs 5000 to 6000 as tuition fee and Rs 12000 to 18000 as annual charges without approval of the Competent Authority.

After taking the complaints of parents in view, both the school management and parents were heard.

The Chairman/ In-charge Principal stated that “no annual charges will be charged for the time being for the session 2020-21.”

The Principal told the further stated that they will submit all the necessary documents for the approval of the fee structure to this committee within one month.

The school claimed to have submitted its file as per the prescribed proforma on Jan 25, 2021.

The Committee noted that “on examination of the records, it transpired that the complaints of parents were genuine.”


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